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Relationship BootCamp-Singles Training

Relationship BootCamp- Individual TrainingBCsingles1 Relationship BootCamp Singles Training

The Relationship BootCamp - Individual Training is a truly transformational weekend. For many individuals, families and teens, life has gone into survival mode. If you are dealing with anger, bitterness, resentment or un-forgiveness, you will learn the tools to become free of the rocks that you carry. This BootCamp helps individuals get down to their core issues by using an experiential and intensive program. In less than 20 hours, individuals will discover why they behave, react, and function the way they do. The Relationship BootCamp-Individual Training provides the tools to identify and heal from past hurts and learned behaviors and move forward into a place where the destructive belief systems hold no more power. Make the decision to Live Above the Line and give yourself the gift of this unforgettable weekend.

The Relationship BootCamp- Individual Training is designed to change the way you do your personal and relational life. It is about achieving “emotional fitness.” If you are struggling in any relationship, feel stuck or worry that you’ve tried everything and nothing else will work, we can help. Most participants say it is in their “top 5″ experiences in life. We offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on the course so that you are able to attend without risk. With almost 20 years experience and with 99% personal satisfaction rate, we know that our programs work! Whether you are single, engaged, married, separated or on the verge of divorce, you will benefit from this weekend. The weekend is experiential with many of the drills and exercises having been developed by Dr. Phil himself. Gain the tools to heal from past hurts and the baggage that is dragging you down in your relationships. This intensive weekend is recommended by counselors, therapists and pastors and is said to achieve up to two years of counseling in just four days! Graduates of the Relationship BootCamp are raving about how it has changed their lives and saved their marriages.

What’s in it for you?

  • A safe place to open up and heal from what’s been holding you back
  • The tools you need to grow and lead the life you deserve
  • Interactive games and exercises utilizing Dr. Phils methodology
  • A no-nonsense approach from coaches to break barriers of communication
  • Tools to move passed the hurts and hang-ups
  • An avenue to reconcile and move passed anger, resentment, bitterness and blame
  • Over 27 hours of experiential training that gets to the root of the issues (over $2000 with the average counselor)
  • A 100% personal satisfaction money-back guarantee (no counselor will offer you that)

Counselors and therapists affirm that this program does more than up to two years of consistent counseling.

With a 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose… except your baggage! Register today and gain your life back.


Tuition Cost: $695 per person-


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